Working together for Pasadena

Working Together for Pasadena Texas.
Election Day
Voting Locations
Saturday May 6, 7 am - 7 pm

A: DeZavala Fifth Grade Center, 101 Jackson

B: Sunset United Methodist Church, 709 Allendale

C: PAL Gym, 2910 Southmore

D: Deepwater Jr High, 501 Glenmore

E: Mae Smythe Elementary School, 2202 Pasadena Blvd

F: Pasadena Memorial High School, 4410 Crenshaw

G: Miller Intermediate School, 1002 Fairmont Pkwy

H: (South) Fire Station No. 6 1200 Kirby Road

(Mailing: Seabrook, TX 77586)

H(North) Fire Station No. 8 4100 Space Center Blvd.
Pasadena, TX 77505)

H: (Bay Area) Fire Station No. 10 17200 Middlebrook Drive

(Mailing: Houston, TX 77059)


Pasadena, TX council member boundaries map.
Pasadena council district boundaries. Old map with new districts lines on older district boundaries.



Here is another map of the city with all the single-member districts - link to PDF.

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06 de mayo 2017 Lugares de Votación el Día de Eleccione aquí


From an AP story Feb. 2, 2017 on Pasadena candidates.

Pat Vat Houte

Elected to her first term on the City Council in 2009, Van Houte emphasized her experience in city government.

"Each person who has filed for mayor so far has government experience, but (for) the majority of them it's not at the city level," she said. "I have been in city government for almost eight years. I know who the department heads are. I know what departments do what and the processes of how things get done in the city. I know the backstory on many of the projects and things that we're doing. This is a stronger foundation going in, either to keep things going or to change things - having the background on it helps.

"As an elected official, I have always looked at each issue on its own merits," she said. "I don't vote as I do because the other people are voting that way. I don't vote based on promises to city contractors."

Van Houte worked for the Texas Workforce Commission for many years investigating unemployment claims. She also has investigated emergency situations with Child Protective Services.

"I'm bilingual, which will help. It's better to be able to communicate directly with someone in their own language rather than they try to communicate in a language in which they're not comfortable or having to get someone to translate," she said. "I've made an effort to get around and see as much as of the city as possible and to know what the issues are in each neighborhood. I think I have seen more of the city than the other candidates."

Van Houte said she also would pull the plug on the city's efforts to appeal the verdict in the voting rights case.

"The judge spent a week and a half hearing from many witnesses, looking at a lot of information and made a decision. The city has spent almost $2 million on the lawsuit already, and I don't think it is in our best interest to spend more public money on this," she said.

In elected, Van Houte said she would work to improve communications with residents and make city government more open.

"There are many things on the city website that are outdated. We need to do a better job of keeping it up to date. Department heads need to understand that there is an expectation that they will provide good information on a timely basis," she said. "I also want to set up a basic application for city boards and commissions so that anyone who is interested can apply and be considered and it would not be just who the politician knows getting appointed every time."

A Syracuse, New York native, Van Houte moved to Pasadena in 1980 after graduating from Michigan State University with a bachelor of science degree in psychology and a master of arts degree in behavioral sciences from the University of Houston Clear Lake.

Van Houte can be reached via email at or by phone at 713-475-1506

- Kristi Nix

Pat Van Houte working at Pasadena Habitat for Humanity.
Pat Van Houte working at Pasadena Habitat for Humanity.