Houston Chronicle, April 21, 2017,  Councilmember Pat Van Houte confronts challenges that others ignore. Van Houte has a record of standing up for the hard fight during her eight years on City Council... she wants to replace the term-limited Isbell and run a city government that's open to all of Pasadena instead of merely the well-connected. This means fairness in contracting, competitive bidding, soliciting community input and promoting transparency. Van Houte also said that she wants to reinstate a public transit circulator for senior citizens that the city had stopped funding. She hasn't raised a lot of money - Van Houte declines donations from city contractors - and her personality is more cautious librarian than charismatic populist. But there's no doubt that Van Houte as mayor would be a fresh start for a city that deserves better than its current bad press.

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Bo Fisher
Senior Pastor at New Wine Christian Fellowship: I support Pat Van Houte for Pasadena mayor because she alone among a field of strong and qualified candidates has the willingness to ferret out corruption in City Hall and to make institutional changes necessary to prevent future official abuses. I endorse Pat Van Houte for mayor and will be voting for her because of her long-term demonstrated commitment to the day-to-day needs of Pasadena's citizens and because she will fix what is broken. 


The city councilwoman on this ladder (Pat Van Houte) is now running for mayor of Pasadena. Over several years now, I have never been to a volunteer event where she has not been present and participating, helping to connect the needs of the residents she represents with resources available through the Church and other benevolent institutions.

Janette Sexton, former candidate for state representative 144: I strongly support Pat Van Houte for Mayor of Pasadena. I have been acquainted with Pat for 14 years. At one point during her 8-year tenure on City Council, she was my councilperson. She is intelligent, hard-working, and an excellent public servant.


Sandra Farmer, If you are voting in the Pasadena, Texas, municipal election for a new mayor I want to encourage you to vote for Pat Van Houte. She is a city council member. She was removed from council chambers by the Pasadena Police under the direction of current mayor, Johnnie Isbell, while she was in the process of speaking against one of his projects/ideas. She lost her seat on council under Isbell's redistricting plan, but got herself reelected as an at large council member. There is a great editorial about her in today's Houston Chronicle (Sunday, April 23, 2017). She came to my door personally during her campaign and asked me if I had any concerns or questions about Pasadena and its government. She wrote down everything I told her and the called me back personally to report what she had learned, the actions she had taken in response to my concerns, and how I should proceed if the issues were not resolved. No one has every asked my opinion about anything in Pasadena before; and I have lived here since 1949. Pat Van Hout has my vote for mayor of Pasadena,Texas, and I would like to encourage to vote for this outspoken, independent, candidate for mayor of our city. Thank you for your time and attention to my post today. I promise to avoid as much political posting as I possibly can. However, I felt compelled to share my story and recommendation with all of you.


Robert D Farmer, Pat always shows up prepared with facts and figures, something I have always admired about her.


Monica Markel Clark,  I have watched you go above and beyond for years where my mom and dad live in the north side and show that you really do care about this town. You got my vote today and I hope you win!! 


Juanita Barrera Montoya, Thank you Miss Pat my branches were removed. I sure wish you luck. Hope you are our next MAYOR.

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With Bo Fisher at Faith in Action event.
With Bo Fisher at Faith in Action event.