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Pasadena had a contentious council meeting that made national news

Embarrassing national news reports for mayor's behavior. 


Houston Chronicle: Pasadena mayor to Hispanic councilman: "Speak up, boy"


Isbell's comments to Wheeler are latest to trigger complaints



Special Emergency Pasadena City Council Meeting

We will try to appoint board members to see if we can get our economic development projects working again this Monday the 28th.

Houston Chronicle article

Here is the story link.

City officials in Pasadena will try to rescue their economic development agency Monday as it remains dogged by criticism over millions of dollars in unspent project funds, an investigation into secret - and maybe illegal - meetings and expired board terms that have left it rudderless....

Earlier story link.

Work has stopped in Pasadena on almost a dozen projects valued at approximately $15.7 million after the city's public works director notified contractors that payments are on hold until the city approves a new board for its economic development corporation, which cannot function because all its members' terms recently expired....



Second Century Chairman Roy Meese.
Chairman Roy Mease and Brad Hance.

Pat working for Pasadena Photos


Pat Van Houte working on Habitat for Humanity house.
Putting hurricane clips on new Habitat For Humanity house, Feb 4, 2017.

This neighborhood will eventually have 19 houses.  It is a little under half built now, and I have worked on each of the houses.