Pat Van Houte For Mayor

Voting Locations
Saturday May 6, 7 am - 7 pm

A: DeZavala Fifth Grade Center, 101 Jackson

B: Sunset United Methodist Church, 709 Allendale

C: PAL Gym, 2910 Southmore

D: Deepwater Jr High, 501 Glenmore

E: Mae Smythe Elementary School, 2202 Pasadena Blvd

F: Pasadena Memorial High School, 4410 Crenshaw

G: Miller Intermediate School, 1002 Fairmont Pkwy

H: (South) Fire Station No. 6 1200 Kirby Road

(Mailing: Seabrook, TX 77586)

H: (North) Fire Station No. 8 4100 Space Center Blvd.
Pasadena, TX 77505)

H: (Bay Area) Fire Station No. 10 17200 Middlebrook Drive

(Mailing: Houston, TX 77059)


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Experience For Pasadena

Hello neighbors,

   You elected me to City Council eight years ago, and for the last two years I have represented all of you as one of your at-large councilmembers. I have enjoyed walking neighborhoods throughout Pasadena and talking to you. There is still much to be done to make Pasadena a better city, so I want to continue working for you as mayor.

   City government exists to serve the people living and working in the city. All of us want the same things.  We want smooth roads and sidewalks. We want clean water and good sanitation service. We want to feel safe in our homes. And we need all this to be affordable. With some things, Pasadena is doing a good job. With others, improvement is needed.

   The city has been replacing old water lines one neighborhood at a time. The city is not doing as well with street repair. Potholes are patched and repatched. Many streets need to be completely repaved.

   The city has invested huge amounts of money remodeling city buildings and moving employees, while vacant buildings throughout the city deteriorate. Unpaid taxes on those buildings are sometimes higher than the property value. The city needs to be proactive in dealing with these vacant buildings and other eyesores.

    The city can do a better job of communicating between city employees, with the people of the city, and with other agencies. City Council needs to discuss how to best serve you. Employees should not be afraid to speak up with suggestions or concerns. We need to get politics out of City Hall, and we need to get YOU, the people, into City Hall, participating on boards and committees and freely giving input on how we can be better and more efficient.

   Work needs to be done where it is needed, because it is needed, not based on favoritism. Please vote for me so I can continue working for fair, efficient, and ethical government for all of us.


A full-time mayor for all of Pasadena